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Everything you need to know about the 'grey mix' hair color trend

Gray hair does not appear suddenly. Over the years, the production of melanin (the natural pigment that gives color to our skin, hair and body) has eroded away, leaving the mane with a more sheer, grayish hue. It is a visual marker of the passage of time in the past, and the response of many is to hide the grey. But today, more and more women are leaning towards a natural look inspired by body positivity. 2022 hair motto? Embrace what you naturally have with some clever highlighting. Enter: the new “Grey Blend” hair color trend for a smooth transition to silver hair.

How to adopt the “grey mix” trend?

Grey blending is a subtle application of hair color that oscillates between highlights and balance. Like the chiaroscuro game, the colorist will start with a light balayage Lighten most of the hair, then accentuate the effect on a few finer strands to blend in with naturally occurring grays. result? The contrast between light-colored hair and hair where the color is still saturated looks more natural, giving the mane more depth and harmonizing with the streaks of gray hair. The advantage is that it can be done in any original color, be it dark brown, warm red or bright gold. As a bonus, the color is fairly light and requires little maintenance, so hairdresser visits can be spaced months apart. “Grey Blend” is great for enhancing silver tones, giving you a graceful transition to grey hair, and can be strengthened as hair fibers fade over time. Ease of maintenance, respect for the integrity of the hair, and most importantly, with a strong message of self-acceptance, this new hair trend is sure to continue.

Most beautiful “grey mix” found on Instagram:

Maayan Zilberman

Sarah Harris

Pat Tracy

Annika von Holt

Louisa Dunn2022



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