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Ewan McGregor on why he grows a mustache, how daughter Clara 'kept her old dad working' and why action blockbusters require 'stamina'

Ewan McGregor discusses blockbusters, why he now has a mustache, and Hope to make more films with his daughter Clara 2nd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Emma Westerberg directed You Sing Louder, I Sing Louder

, in which the McGregor stars face each other.

Both daughter and father predict more collaborations on Sunday. You Sing Loud, I Sing Loud premieres at South by Southwest. It’s a

road trip drama inspired by the real-life story of two people. Clara co-wrote the screenplay with Vera Bourde and Ruby Castor. “I’m just expecting them to write me a lot of roles,” Ewan McGregor told the outlet. “It’s a great way to keep her old dad working.”

As the actor has oscillated between feature films and small indies throughout his career , he can also gain insight into some of the differences in talent. “Some of the bigger action movies are slower,” he said. “It’s an endurance exercise to keep your presence and performance where you want to be.” After all, action scenes are often shot in “tiny moments,” and for a smaller film, “When you have a camera following you for three minutes, it’s easier to get lost in it.” He shares that he’s “still trying to find that feeling in my work. I want it to feel believable.”

When asked how to switch between a small indie film and a big studio project, McGregor said, “If you’re doing an action sequence, it’s [made in] Tiny moments. When the camera follows you for three minutes (on a smaller film), it’s easier to get lost in it.”

He also shared a review of his current Insights Beard. McGregor has been filming the Paramount+ miniseries

Gentleman in Moscow and he is in The project, which has also been in production in Manchester since the start of the year, is “a month away,” the update said. Based on the novel by Amor Tolles, the show tells the story of McGregor, an aristocrat who is imprisoned in a hotel room after the Russian Revolution.

McGregor noted that his current beard is for the role, but it has changed during filming. “It’s my older, smaller beard,” he explained. “In the beginning (my character) had a big, monster curly hair.” McGregor concluded: “You see the better side of it.”

Zhou The Czech film event presented the Scottish star with the President’s Award on Saturday night. When McGregor received the statue, he was greeted by the Karlovy Vary audience: “I’m lucky to do what I love and love what I do things.”

2023 The th edition of the festival will run until July 8th and the jury includes Patricia Clarkson.




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