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Ex Posse Studios Inks Development Deal with Sony Music Entertainment in Japan

Ex Posse Studios, which is behind indie comics such as Night of the Cadillacs and the spinoff Lip Stick Cliqa, is getting a financial boost as develops its properties for the screen.

Ex Posse has inked a deal with Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) for Sony to fund and develop films and TV shows. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

“We are thrilled to have Sony Music Entertainment Japan onboard as a partner and collaborator,” Sean E Demott, CEO of Ex Posse Studios, said in a statement. “Their extensive experience and industry influence will undoubtedly propel the Ex Posse Universe to new heights. This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity for both parties to expand and diversify our portfolios in the ever-evolving entertainment industry.”

Ex Posse’s vampire-themed Night of the Cadillacs centers on a member of a supernatural gang who leaves his crew to go on the run with a human woman. The studio hopes to build out a universe based on the concept. Earlier this year, Ex Posse released a three-part spinoff, Lip Stick Cliqa, which will be the first adaptation worked on under the Sony deal. Development on that project would not take place until after the writers and actors strike end.

Lip Stick Cliqua, hailing from writer Kayden Phoenix and artist Gershon Villamor, focuses on a female Vampire chola gang in the midst of a turf battle. The company, which styles themselves as a “punk rock Marvel,” has already adapted one of its properties for the screen. The supernatural-tinged Trim Season, about workers on a remote marijuana farm, has made the festival circuit this year, including the horror-focused Overlook Film Festival.



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