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EXCLUSIVE: Cinedigm Acquires Streaming Rights to Nadia – The Secret of Blue Water TV Anime

nadia©NHK・NEP Cinedigm announced on Friday that it has acquired streaming rights to Gainax

‘s sci-fi adventure anime from GKIDS . A remake of the series will be available exclusively on RetroCrush in June.

GKIDS Obtained

North America Copyright Gainax Sci-Fi Adventure Anime , and released a home video series based on a new 4K restoration.

GKIDS Describe the story:

it is1889 Despite rumors of danger lurking in the ocean, people from all over the world are flocking to Paris to catch a glimpse of scientific achievements at the World’s Fair. While attending a fair, teenage inventor Jean meets a mysterious girl who possesses a highly sought-after crystal called Blue Water. Hunted by evil forces, the couple embarks on a journey across the sea and sky to escape their would-be captors and discover the crystal’s secrets.

Staff Featured Director Anno Hideaki (, ), character designer Sadamoto Yoshiyuki

(, , ), Sound Director Katsunori Shimizu (, ), and music composer Shiro Sagisu

(, ).

Sentai Filmworks previously released anime on Blu-ray Disc and DVD. This animation was previously posted by

on videotape streamline diagram , and video tape and DVD ADV Films. RetroCrush is free Yes, with Ads – A supported video-on-demand service in the US and Canada. The service is available on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV and Smart TVs Both have apps, in addition to being available on the browser. The service launched in March 322. Free ad-supported TV (FAST) version of RetroCrush launched in July via STIRR streaming service .

Digital Media Rights told ANN that its streaming service aims to “serve as a community built for consumption and discussion of the golden age of Japanese animation, ( And some that are not so retro), from the standpoint of pop culture, fandom, art, Internet memes, etc.” The service plans to include a library of content that “doesn’t yet have a proper streaming release outside of Japan.” RetroCrush streaming partners include Discotek Media,TMS


, Studio Pierrot, AMG, Happinet and Right Stuf etc.

Cinedigm Get Digital Media Copyright (DMR), parent company of RetroCrush ,

AsianCrush, and Midnight Pulp Streaming service, January 2022.

Source: Press Release



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