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EXCLUSIVE – New York Republican Michelle Bond pledges support for police to fight crime wave

Michelle Bond, the Republican candidate running for Congressman Li Zeldin (R-NY), told inew News Saturday that she will strike by New York’s massive crime wave gives police “the resources and tools they need to keep our communities safe.”


inew News Saturday Host Matthew Boyle noticed the massive crime wave in New York and asked Bond what she would do in Congress to address it. For Bond, fighting the crime wave starts with adequate funding for law enforcement.

“I think crime and fear are the number one priority for everyone when I’m in the room talking to voters. In my area, they’re really, really upset, and I think you know that when you see it clearly, we need to defend our police,” Bond said. “And we cannot advocate for their defunding.”

She highlighted her support for Suffolk County Police and criticized her opponent Nick LaLota for voting to cut the police budget while he was in town board of directors.

“I pledge to always defend our police. I support the blue. First is fighting in Congress to give them the resources and tools they need to keep our communities safe ,” Bond told Boyle.

Bond also encouraged New Yorkers to support Rep. Li Zeldin (R)’s gubernatorial campaign as a way to reduce crime in the state.

“You know, when it comes to Congress, indeed, there are a couple of different sources. I would say, obviously there’s funding, there’s a fight over information, And keeping the community safe, protecting things like qualified immunizations. A lot of that is a national issue,” Bond said. “That’s why I do say it’s very, very important that we elect a Republican conservative governor.”

When the conversation turned to the economy, Bond highlighted her service in securities trading Commission (SEC), Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) staff, and her private sector business experience.

Bond is the only candidate who “knows how to do anything with the economy,” she explained.

“I used to be on the Senate Banking Committee for Senator Shelby of Alabama and I was against very bad economic policy. I have always been pro business, I has devoted his career to economic policy,” she said. “And I think we need more people like me who know what they’re talking about, especially now that we’re in a recession.”

She mentioned that Zeldin is currently on the House Financial Services Committee member, and her business acumen would make her best suited to fill Zeldin’s position.

“It is very important that people representing New York borough 1 are eligible to serve on this committee,” Bond said.

“And right now, I’m the only candidate in this race who knows how to do anything with the economy, he’s been tackling these issues, who understands business And inflation and government spending and all that, how all that works,” she continued.

ended the interview with Boyle and Bond discussing President Joe Biden’s disastrous border policies. Boyle asked Bond how she would address the issue at the congressional level.

Bond said “every county is a border county now” and she would advocate for the completion of the wall on our southern border.

“As you know, the way to stop this madness is to build a wall. Look, I’m an America First conservative. I want to build a wall. We need more border security,” Bond said. “As you said, since Biden took office, it’s like millions of illegal immigrants pouring into our borders. It has to stop. That’s why Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly are behind me.”

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