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Exclusive: Vivek Ramaswamy explains how he will decouple from China and revive the economy

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy told inew News on Thursday that Americans are hungry for ideas on how to get the country back details of getting back on track, and offered his own concrete plan for decoupling. China, reinvigorate the economy, and instill American pride in the youth of this country.

Referring to his recent rise in the polls, Ramaswamy attributed the movement to unfettered expression of his thoughts and to the U.S. Clarifying his “true beliefs,” People said the American people were hungry for details.

“Our people are tired of these slogans, so when I discuss at length How are we going to shut down the administrative state, how are we going to actually declare independence from China, how are we going to really reinvigorate the national pride of the next generation, how are we going to be able to grow the economy by more than 4% a year … people are dying to get into the details,” Lamas said. Wami began to speak.

– Wake up businessman explains some of his policy goals, including decoupling from China. He made it clear that it was vital to recognize that doing so was a matter of national security, and emphasized that the United States cannot rely on enemies such as the Chinese Communist Party. He blasted members of the Biden administration for recently announcing “export controls on the rare minerals we need to make our technology, including semiconductors here.”

Then-Vice President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping at State Banquet Last toast September, US Secretary of State John Kerry hosted China 23, 23, Department of State in Washington, DC. (Paul J. Richards/AFP, Getty Images)

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