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Exiles' Tale anime reveals more cast, key visuals

TV animation staff of Makoto Hoshino () Manga reveals anime’s extra cast and major visuals on Monday :

Newly announced cast members include:

Risa Imayanagi as Diana

Junichi Suwabe

as Naberius

Ryotaro Okumi

as Danchō (Sword Cross Knight) Commander of the regiment)

) Kentaro Kumagai as Takenami

Kobayashi Yu

as Astaroth

Chitose Morinaga

as Maurie

Karin Oda as Hariett

)Seven Seas Entertainment

has licensed this comic and describes the story: Wisteria is an orphan who lives in a corner of the late British Empire century. Her life is desolate and bleak – until she encounters Malbus, a powerful but equally lonely immortal creature with a furry exterior who is hunted by hunters. Together, Wisteria and Marbus roam the empire inhabited by humans and humanoid beasts, looking for places where they can coexist peacefully.

The animation staff previously announced that Ayana Taketatsu and Katsuyuki Konishi will play the protagonists Wisteria and Mabas, respectively, while Ryota Osaka will play Wisteria’s older brother, Snow.

The animation crew includes:

Director: Yamamoto Kang Hyo Series composition: Kenichi Yamashita
Script: Kenichi Yamashita

, Ayaka Harada , Yasutaka Yamamoto Character design: Ozawa Mei
Monster Design:Suzuki Mita

  • Chief Animation Director: Mina Ōsawa , Hikaru Suzuki

    Music: Hiroaki Tsutsumi Music Production: Pony Canyon

  • Sound Production: Studio Whiskers

    Animation production: Ashi Productions

    The staff also announced that the animation will be First broadcast in January 2019.

    Hoshino Zai Shogakukan of

    August . The manga ends in April 2019. The eighth and final volume was shipped in May along with the seventh volume 2023.

    Source: Anime website, Manga Natalie




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