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'Extra' supports Billy Bush over Kendall Jenner's sex joke leak

ExtraThe team behind Extra is supporting host Billy Bush In light of his unpublished joke about Kendall Jenner that was recently leaked to the media.

Daily Beast Published Audio of Bush’s Friday joke on )Extra set last year about Jenner dressed up as Toy Story for Halloween in series Jessie’s story. In media-reported audio leaked by an anonymous source, Bush can be heard saying, “Kendall plays Jesse, trust me, a lot of Woody.” In quoteToy Story After the Woody the Cowboy joke, the joke can also be heard voiced by Tom Hanks in the film.

In a statement shared with The Hollywood Reporter , a representative for Telepictures, which produces the syndicated television newsmagazine, said, : “As with many forms of production in the entertainment industry, the show’s creative process allowed for the flexibility to experiment with different jokes and banter. In the end, some material landed on the cutting room floor, including a Remarks.”

THR Reps for Bush and Jenner have been reached for further comment.

Bush added Extra in 2016 after his

from Today show, and the subsequent leak of audio of his conversation with the then-Apprentice host Donald Trump spurred headlines and debate across the country.

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