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F. Murray Abraham Apologizes After 'Mythic Quest' Exit, Alleged Sexual Misconduct

F. Murray Abraham responded to a report that he had quit on Apple TV+ )Mythic Quest in connection with the sexual misconduct investigation.

In an emailed statement shared Thursday with The Hollywood Reporter , the The Oscar-winning actor has apologized for actions that led to his firing from the series, but denies his actions involved more than a “joke”.

“This is a sincere and deep apology,” said the White Lotus star. “Whilst I don’t mean to offend anyone, the jokes I made were just that, which upset some of my co-workers and ended up losing a good job working with great people.

“My understanding has grown from this experience and I hope they will forgive me,” he added.

Monday, Rolling Stone Covers Emmy Nominees and Homeland Stars Before the Mythic Quest’ starts season 3 is a complaint about Abraham’s behavior on set As a result, unnamed female co-stars were involved.Abraham was allegedly warned and told to distance himself from several of the actresses, but after the show’s co-creator and star Rob McElhenney allegedly (Rob McElhenney) was fired when he became aware of the second incident.

In a statement, Lionsgate Television told THR They “accept allegations of misconduct seriously and investigate them thoroughly. The statement also noted, “As a company policy, we do not discuss our personnel practices.” ”

Abraham appeared in the first two seasons of the Apple TV+ series about the fictional team behind the largest multiplayer video game in history, as writer and video game writer CW Longbottom The entire third season aired in January, but Abraham was last seen on screen in the show’s second season finale, which aired on 2020 .

This show premiered in February and was co-created by McElhenney, Charlie Day and Megan Gantz .




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