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Fairouz Ai shares some practical advice for aspiring voice actors

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— feiruーズあい|Fairouz Ai (@fairouzzzzzz) July 9th

“What if you are An aspiring voice actor

…me Would suggest that, from now on, you start writing down words that you see in books or in everyday life and don’t know the meaning or how to pronounce them.

I was on my last Instagram live, but this is Something I did as a form of self-study training school before attending voice actor training school. I’m really glad I Did it.

Sure, it’s impossible to memorize them all, but once you’ve written them down by hand, you’ll definitely be able to make use of them – filling out notebook pages is very motivating because it allows you Visualize your efforts!

Try it!

(For some reason there is a Chewbacca sticker on one of the pages. )”

Along with this reasonable suggestion, the tweet still Including pages of her own notebook filled with once-unfamiliar words (and a Chewbacca sticker).

Fairouz Ai I am currently in this season’s



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