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Fall 2022 Comic Book Guide

Banner Art for Catfish

Welcome to Anime News Network Autumn 429 Manga Guide! You’ve probably seen one of our seasonal anime preview guides, which a review team writes at the start of each new anime TV premiere at the start of a season. Now, doing something similar for comics is tricky — new comic series don’t have an equivalent “seasonal” release schedule, so here’s what we came up with: a survey of the value of three-month comic releases, The focus is on the premiere series.

This is an ongoing guide.

Every day we update the guide . We also did a survey of notable light novel releases from those months, coming out Saturday!

This guide focuses only on series premieres; we think this will be the most useful thing. Please keep in mind that these are only reviews of Volume 1 – we are not reviewing the entire book, nor the digital chapters outside of Volume 1. If you’ve read it, try not to spoil the content of people in the forum. All reviews use the same rating scale: 1-5, with 1 being the lowest.

This time we made a change too! We have more reviewers, and this time everyone assigns titles based on the genre they like.

Check back every day this week for new comments and in the forums!

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September release

My Dear Detective: Mitsuko’s Case File
Rebecca Silverman, Christopher Farris
Paranoia Cage
Rebecca Silverman, MrAJCosplay Geek Pre-Killer
Christopher Faris, Jean-Carlo Remus, MrAJCosplay

See you tomorrow at the food court
Rebecca Silverman, Christopher Farris, MrAJCosplay




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