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Fall 2022 Preview Guide

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to white The Decline of the List News Network 451 Preview Guide! Here’s the thing: Our review team writes their impressions right away, and it’s posted here anytime. Each reviewer will cover as many shows as they can handle, giving you a variety of options on most shows.

This guide is a work in progress, organized in series and updated multiple times a day. Over the next week or two, we’ll be updating our review team with new perspectives on new episodes as often as possible. New reviews will be posted as soon as they are written, and each reviewer’s name will be added to the roster below the show’s title. Check back a few times a day during the guide and you may see multiple new shows pop up to enjoy!

Please remember this is a preview of guide. It’s designed to give you a taste of the show’s first episode with initial comments and some thoughts on whether the show has potential. These do not intend to make a full judgment on these series as a whole. All reviews use the same rating scale: 1-5, with 1 being the lowest.

Click the survey at the top of each show page to vote for your personal rating and see how other Man scored!

My master has no tail

Rebecca Silverman, Nicholas Dupree
Richard Eisenbeth, Caitlin Moore
I am a bad girl, so I have to tame the final boss

Caitlin Moore, Rebecca Silverman
Richard Eisenbeth

BASTARD‼ – Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy – Part 2

My Hero Academia Season 6
Richard Eisen Bass, Nicholas Dupree

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