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'Fall for Christmas' review: Lindsay Lohan's comeback is strictly a Ho Ho-Hum holiday

If you’re going to be making a Overboard knockoff that slips into the general mud of sentimental holiday season rom-coms, then at least find a few clues to glamour and chemistry to achieve it. Unless you’re excited about Lindsay Lohan’s screen comeback – if you are, I’m sorry for your life – Falling in love for Christmas Except for memories of Goldie and Kurt in 1987 Favorite a nasty amnesiac heiress who falls in love with a blue collar misogynist. Elevating mediocre material as a star model with brilliant comedy has worse starting points.

This sub-iconic trash made by a group of hackers who don’t deserve to be named is Lohan’s first movie Netflix Trading and her first film in three years. Don’t beat a former child star who has overcome more than her share of demons, but if that’s the best transportation she can find, it’s probably not a bad idea to wait for the other three.

Fall for Christmas

Bottom line Too boring.

Release Date : Thursday, November

Cast : Lindsay Lohan,

Chord Overstreet, George Young, Jack Wagner, Olivia Perez, Alejandra Flores

Director : Jenny Damian

screenwriter: Jeff Bonet, Ron Oliver 1 hour35 minute

I got the basic fun of a basic cable holiday movie streamers are eager to join now – bland acting is about the same as a soap opera; bland visuals are not as good as Hershey’s A Christmas ad; nothing to offend your grandma’s toothless conspiracy in Ohio; a happy ending with love and seasonal cheers from everyone. But even this formula needs a bit of humor and verve.

Lohan plays Sierra Belmont, the daughter of a wealthy hotel mogul, which immediately makes me wish they had meta actor Paris Hilton. Since it doesn’t seem like any acting nuance is needed, at least she may have had some fun with it. When we first meet Sierra, her father Beauregard (Jack Wagner) takes her to his luxury ski resort in his private jet to discuss appointing her VP of Atmosphere to keep her out of trouble. But Sera has other plans, as do her vain British social media influencer boyfriend Ted (George Young), who screams “gay” from a later plot twist surprises are eliminated.

Sierra is assigned a personal assistant (Chase Ramsey) and a gorgeous squad to prepare her for lunch with her dad, and she chooses a piece called “Valenyagi”‘s ugly firetruck red jumpsuit, which took her to hell. While that outfit earned its own slow-motion elevator exit with a windmill, it’s basically the kind of ugly you get when your ersatz movie doesn’t get a real couture endorsement and you want to suggest, oh I don’t You know, Valentino, Balenciaga and Issey Miyake?

Equally unreal is the romantic protagonist Chord Overstreet, who replaces Chris Hemsworth. The Glee alum here exudes potato charisma, though admittedly it’s as much a script fault as his.

Overstreet drama Jake Russell, owner of North Star Lodge, a relatively humble family-run mountain resort, is cash-strapped , but had just been denied an equity stake by Bo when he collided with Sierra and sprinkled cocoa on Valenyagi. This puts Ted in a bind, but doesn’t make enough of an impression on Jack that he doesn’t recognize Sera when he finds her unconscious at the foot of the mountain.

This happened when Sierra fell and hit a tree after Tad proposed in a hilltop Instagram photo opp. Ted falls in the other direction and is conveniently trapped in the wild by ice angler Ralph (Sean Dillingham).

As Jack’s struggling agency is on Christmas Eve, he volunteers to bring unidentified Sierra to North Star, where she joins the recently widowed rescuer’s brave daughter Ava (Olivia Perez) bonds with her kind mother-in-law, Alejandra (Alejandra Flores). I guess Ava’s missing teeth are for cuteness, but I can only take so many cute robberies.

Unlike Kurt Russell’s Overwater character, Sad Jack is too good to take advantage of his lack of memory guests, but she decided to get involved. No hilarity happened as the pampered Sierra tried to make the bed, make breakfast, clean the toilet or do the laundry. (Paris would kill this; she’s already done most of the work in Simple Life .) But when they visit the town’s Christmas market and a winking old Santa type ( Things start to change when Bas Riley learns of Ava’s secret wishes.

Guess Sierra will be finishing chores and flipping pancakes soon, which doesn’t have any prizes as she and Jake start exchanging creepy looks. She also mines her remaining memory bank to do what all useless heiresses are genetically programmed to do – host fundraisers!

This can all go on for four days because Boyne is on a business trip and Sierra’s caregivers seem to have forgotten about her, like no one seems to recognize her in this bustling town A socialite heiress who complained early on that she wanted to be called more than Beauregard Belmont’s spoiled daughter. No doubt they’re all so busy with their health quests that they don’t have time for social media or reading TMZ.

The script goes beyond formula, so of course, when Beau returns to the resort and dispatches a search party, Sierra is pulled back in time to her real life to reassess it. She also experienced a heartbreaking montage of dreamy Jack moments from a song titled “Without You” sung by the star’s sister Aliana Lohan. (I forgot to check the credits to see if Dina is in charge of the catering.)

Career is mostly about being in the right place in a great show – Parent Trap , Weird Friday , Mean Girls , Prairie Family Companion – not Any notable performance range. Here, there is little difference between Sierra Leone in bizarre patterns and Sierra Leone being transformed by the goodness of honest people who endure real struggles. Mainly because of her different outfits. The only one really working on it is Young, but even at the top, Tad is thin.

The movie looks cheap, with a terrible green screen skiing sequence and a couple of animated critters that won’t fool anyone. The main expense appears to be holiday songs throughout the soundtrack. In one joke, Sierra wakes up to the familiar Netflix ta-dum logo tone and can’t close fast enough when A Castle for Christmas pops up on her TV. But at least The Christmas Entrance has a gorgeous location and charming clues at Brook Shields and Gary Elwes. This tattered fake should be so lucky; it’s a real Valenyagi.

10 Full credits

Distribution: Netflix Production Company: Netflix, United & American Films, Brad Krevoy Productions CAST: Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet, George Young, Jack Wagner, Olivia Perez, Alejandra Flores, Chase Ramsey, Sean Dillingham, Antonio D. Charity, Bus Riley
Director: Jenny Damian35

Screenwriters: Jeff Bonnett, Ron Oliver; Bonnett

Story Producers: Michael Damian, Brad Krevoy

Executive Producers: Steve Berman, Brian Bodden, Jimmy Townsend, David Wolfe, Jenny Damian, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Phillips Director of Photography: Graham Robbins

Production Designer: Konnor S. Jenson Costume Design Teacher: Emerson Alvarez Music: Nathan Raney Er
Editor: Christie Himek

Casting: Kendra Shea Clark, Helen Gale 35 1 hour35 minute 35 THR Newsletter 35

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