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FANTAGIRL, I am myself

During your stay in the hospital, you also met your now-husband, as well as the father of the child and traveling companions. Do you think feeling loved has helped you in some way to better cope with the effects of your new situation?

My husband was a physical therapy trainee at the time and he entrusted me with it and it was love at first sight. Instead, it took me longer; to think about, when I entered the hospital, I was still in a relationship with a boy who then left me the same day I was diagnosed. I had to go through devastating moments as a young woman going through physical pain and trauma. I have to say that life gave me a surprise instead. From the very beginning, I was given someone who could accept and respect me, and let me regain the self-confidence that I thought I was not worthy of.

Disability and Femininity: How has your relationship with your body and your awareness of being a woman changed?

Thank you so much for asking me this question, because it’s something I really want to talk about. I became disabled in a moment of transition when you go from a young girl to a woman and during those years you experiment and play with your image to find a definitive one; Easy, it’s a process that takes a long time. In general, I don’t think it’s easy for any woman, but even more so for someone in a wheelchair, most importantly because I have no reference models to inspire me, no “sitting ” Fashion image, so it is very tiring to understand how to improve yourself?

I believe the fashion industry, but also film and video, has made huge strides in inclusivity, but I have to sadly admit that it doesn’t concern me in this case many people. Unlike other minority groups, it’s still hard to find someone in a wheelchair during fashion week, or a professional model with a disability or an actor who performs in a wheelchair, and even go beyond the disability itself and focus on the individuality within the body. The wheelchair is still considered a no-no, perhaps because it does not allow the person using it to be “vertical”, but to remain seated at all times. Regardless, I think it’s also important to break that limitation and start representing this category more and more.

Thank you so much Julia, you have given me so many precious things. I wish you and your family a pleasant journey.

Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity, goodbye.



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