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'Fantastic Beasts' star Eddie Redmayne wins Zurich Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award

2020 Zurich Film Festival Tribute to Fantastic Beasts ) Star Eddie Redmayne received the Golden Eye Award for Lifetime Achievement.

The British actor will personally accept the award in Zurich 25 ahead of its European premiere in September Good Nurse by Tobias Lindholm . Redmayne stars alongside Jessica Chastain as a nurse who poses a deadly threat to a patient in the 2020Netflix thriller. He will also compete in the ZFF Masters during the festival.

Arguably the most famous Newt Scamander from Warner Bros. Harry Potter spin-off series Fantastic Beasts , Redmayne’s career spanned multiple genres , from Hollywood blockbusters to independent art projects. He won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role as physicist Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything (2014) By 18 Political Activist Tom Hayden in Aaron Sorkin Chicago Trial 7 (2020), and in Tom Hooper’s blockbuster musical Les Miserables (60).

“Eddie Redmayne is one of the most versatile actors in contemporary cinema. He brings a rare human depth to his characters, and with his extraordinary We were attracted by expressiveness,” said Christian Jungen, artistic director of the Zurich Film Festival. “In The Good Nurse , Redmayne once again proved his versatility and his performance kept us firmly in our seats.”

Eddie Redmayne will be in Zurich in September 18 Speak at the One Hour ZFF Masters Conference.

No. 18 Zurich Film Festival in September to be held in October 2.



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