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Fantasy Alert: Vikings 'passionate' for KJ Osborn; WR gets plenty of targets

KJ Osborne (AP Photo /Bruce Crookhorn)

The Minnesota Vikings are reportedly “enthusiastic” about the potential of third-year wide receiver KJ Osborn, making him an interesting fantasy Football goals, despite the presence of Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen.

The Athletic’s Arif Hasan reported Tuesday that the Vickers are “clearly committed” to using three catchers as their base Part of the attacking mix, which he expects will translate into “a lot” of Osborne’s goals.

The 25-year-old Wolverine has had a great 2021 season with 655 yards and seven catches Completed 17 games with 50 touchdowns. That came after he was limited to a special team role as a rookie. Those numbers put him on the verge of a fantasy starter conversation, so even though his 82 goals last year were slightly Up, and could also make him a safe stretch player for much of 2022.

Whether or not there is, however, the path to a bigger role is actually up for debate. Jefferson and Thielen will combine to eat up most of the goals, while tight end Owen Smith Jr. will return after missing the entire season last season with a knee injury.

On the other hand, Osborn is currently a top 60 outside pick in the Yahoo Sports Fantasy League, so it takes very little investment will allow him to continue to improve.

His ability to stay on the floor in any situation is also a boost for his stock.

“I think I’m strong so I can play in the paint and block the big guys,” Osborn told reporters in early August . “But I can go deep and get it. I’ve shown it a few times, so I want to keep showing it.”

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KJ Osborn this year Looks like an elite value draft in #fantasyfootball 💰

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Ultimately, Osborn will have some lackluster stats games when Jefferson, Thielen and Smith are all on the floor. There just aren’t enough targets to generate three or four fantasy standouts from the same passing team each week.

He’ll, however, post strong enough numbers to warrant a spot on the roster, and he’s distanced in dangerous passing offense An important role was only injured once.

That’s enough to get him WR depth in the final fantasy draft.



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