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FarmTok: I have nothing but praise for the wholesome social media trend

Living with noise pollution on one of London’s busiest roads didn’t choose me…for some reason I chose it. Every morning when sirens wake me up, I often wonder what I’m doing wrong. But despite my original intention of starting the day without my phone, I often unlock my iPhone, tap Instagram, and start scrolling. Contrary to what you might expect, what I found brought me the purest joy: not pictures of influencers holding their latest It-bag, or scrolls of moving manicure, but round red robins Birds chirp on a frosty branch, or snap a sunset over a verdant field. What could be better than experiencing the real thing?

I guess you could say I’m one of the millions obsessed with #FarmTok right now. While I can only personally attribute a fraction of the 9.4 billion views on TikTok on the topic—my 30s are my only explanation—on Instagram, I’m consuming wholesome, natural content, which has nothing to do with anyone else. My algorithm is logging. Along with new Love Island contestant “Farmer Will,” an innocent and down-to-earth character who takes selfies with lamb (obsessed), there’s lots of outdoor activities, nature Adorers I can’t get enough accounts.

If this all sounds a lot like the famous fivesome , well, actually, it’s understandable. The term “biophilic” refers to the innate human urge to immerse yourself in and connect with the great outdoors. Many of us city-dwellers spend our lives trying to increase our engagement with the natural world, whether it’s planting “air-cleaning” plants in our apartments (it’s called photosynthesis, folks) or adopting biophilic designs like floor-to-ceiling windows , bringing the outside in). It’s clear that we all need our fair share of nature to stay sane. While I may not have beautiful buildings or rugged swamps at my disposal, the one thing I carry with me at all times is my phone.

One of my favorite accounts to peruse is Thoroughly Soul-Soothing Putman and Robin, where gardener Tony Putman documents his relationship with a cat named Bob Robin friendship. Hearing Bob chirp to his human friend is the true definition of refreshing and wholesome, and it’s helped me through so many stressful moments. Tony says his 105,105 followers’ comments tell a similar story.



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