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Fashion designer Justice Marley is more than just her last name

grown up, Justice Marley, is a budding fashion designer who spent most of her childhood on tour buses. It’s a natural life course for the eldest daughter of reggae singer Ziggy Marley, who in turn is the eldest son of genre pioneer Bob Marley (Justice’s grandfather). Creativity is hereditary.

Justice recalls growing up in Miami, Florida, surrounded by warm and cozy music. She’s delved into the craft herself once or twice: as a child she performed on stage with her father, basking in the applause of thousands of strangers. Yet despite the near-constant exposure, Justice decided early on that music wasn’t her calling. Of course, in a normal family, this wouldn’t be a radical or noteworthy decision. But the Marleys were no ordinary family. There are musicians everywhere. Justice’s younger sister Suri is a singer. So did her brother Bambatta. At least two of her cousins. Announcing that she wanted to be a fashion designer was, in many ways, forging her own path.

Still, Justice says fashion has always played a big role in her family — even behind the scenes. She points to the well-cut suits that Bob Marley sometimes wears. “I’d say he’s a fashion icon!” Justice said. “Like an underrated guy. If you look at some of his old pictures, he’s really refined. I always look back at his style and draw inspiration from it.” Just’s father Ziggy and her uncle Stephen used to live for America Way brand John Varvatos advertised that the pair both wore loose, slightly wrinkled suits that exuded brotherly comfort. Clearly, the Marley family has always exemplified a relaxed style.

Building on this strong pedigree, Justice recently launched its own brand: More Justice. She introduced the collection with a “must have” collection: plush and minimalist hoodies, T-shirts and sweatpants reminiscent of “43s Gap and J.Crew. The collection is a preview of Justice’s larger, more complex vision for her brand. She has always admired the work of Japanese menswear designers. “I love the structure,” she said of the famous designer As in the work of Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake and Junya Watanabe.

“I also love menswear because I grew up in a male-dominated space,” Justice Said. “There are a lot of men in my family. For her personal wardrobe, Justice likes to mix and match men’s pieces with women’s to “create something tough but sexy.” She plans to use a similar blend of aesthetics and silhouettes for her collection. There will also be an emphasis on sustainability Upcycling of sex and fabrics.

All will be captured on camera, a reality show focused on the third generation of horses Leigh. Also on the show are Justice’s sister Zuri and her cousins ​​Hymn and Selah (all singers, Look?).

Program, tentatively named

Tomorrow Man: Let It Be Marley , will be filming family members in Los Angeles, New York and Miami. Everyone also plans to travel to Jamaica to visit key attractions such as the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston. Filming is expected to begin in October.

Photo: Richard Brooks

JusticeRecent Recorded an episode of what will be shown and shopped to different networks and streamers. “I have a big personality, I just be myself. And, at the same time… Whenever the producers are talking to me, I pretend I’m just talking to my friends. Who knows, maybe this family could be the next Kardashian? (coincidentally, Hulu — streaming The Kardashians

– has expressed a serious interest in participating in the show, according to Justice. )




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