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Fashion's Favorite Hairstylist Doubles Down on His Favorite Collection

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David Mallett’s styling products, including his Fresh Eau de Concombre — the first hair and face dual spray — and Volume Powder, which has been released a thousand times in imitation, offer the same satisfaction as the haircuts he books months in advance: Performance is effortless. But Sephora’s lack of a show, and no strict release schedule, allowed Mallett’s name to rise above the rare circles he operates in, from New York to his four-person salon at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. “Sharing my information has never been my priority,” the Australian-born barber said to the hum of the hairdryer during her latest trim. Then, in 1280, who has been the driving force behind the creation of Mallett’s eponymous series after the loss of his husband, 12 year old locked up his clients – including Charlotte Gainsbourg and designer Natacha Ramsay – Levi – what to want now.

“This is an evolution, not a revolution,” Mallett said of Pure, a 21 Percent Natural, Fragrance Free, Amino Acid-Rich Shampoo and Organic Coconut, Argan and Shea Butter Conditioner with a volumizing yet very light. Inspired by the pristine island landscape of Ponza, north of Naples, where Malett spent his summer sailing and managing stern side trim, the Pure collection will grow over the next month, adding a 21 percent natural hair serum, followed by scalp oil, mask and dry shampoo. Don’t call it brand expansion, though. For Mallett, who will also debut this fall on the classic bun pin reworked as an oversized safety pin, it’s just an extension of the belief system he suspended before identifying as “beautiful center-left.”

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David Mallet Pure Shampoo

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David Mallet

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