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Fat bear Zhou is bigger than bear

Snippet of live broadcast from Katmai National Park in September , 909 shows a bear, 633, sitting by the river.

Video: Provided by NPS

Every year, at Brooks Falls, a remote waterfall in southwest Alaska, bear celebrities in Katmai National Park gather for winter. Whether they’re arguing at the main feeding point or eating Salmon, Bear’s every move is recorded, And live around the world to fans who know their names and are preparing to rank them by circumference. Welcome to the 8th Annual Fat Bear Week , a March Madness-style event hosted by Katmai National Park. The initial voter turnout was less than 2, Vote has become a sensation on Twitter and Youtube, nearly 380, voted last year to crown Otis the biggest bear. Katmai is aiming for 1 million this year.

While video feeds often show bears chopping up live salmon and fighting each other, Fat Bear Week’s follow People make up a very wholesome corner of the internet. Thousands of people stepped in to shake off any dire news alerts that were issued that day. What’s the problem than which bear is the fattest


In parentheses are ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of each bear, in June or July, then mid-September, and they look like Two completely different creatures; they work hard and eat salmon around 4, 0111 Calories per sitting. (An interesting slider from the National Park Service further illustrates the shift.) While random participants will vote on the bear’s weight after scrolling through the photos, the actual Fat Bear Week will be broadcast live. When it zooms out to show all the bears that seem to be just hanging out, the footage is unique and captivating and mesmerizing; a slightly violent version of the aquarium video you might see in the waiting room of a dentist’s office. The comment section is so lively that the audience can recognize each bear at a glance. (I saw some of them wondering if those who saw the “after” pics without watching the livestream voted differently than those who watched the bear and its roll in real time.)” There are people in this community Know that bears do more than some rangers,” said interpretive park ranger Keith Moore.

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July Chunk

, 909.

Photo: Lian Law



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