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Fate/strange Fake Spinoff Story gets TV anime special on December 31st

The Aniplex Online Fest 2008 event announced Saturday, Ryohgo Narita ‘s Spin-off story inspired TV anime special.

Special program will be held in December On air During the annual meetingFate Project New Year’s TV Special .

  • The story takes place in the American western city of Snowfield, where a new Holy Grail War begins between mages and heroes.

    Special program will be released simultaneously, produced by Aniplex of America

    with English subtitles and dubbing . The Japanese and English actors are:

  • Kana Hanazawa and Anjali Kunapaneni as Ayaka Sajyō2022
  • Yuki Ono and Ben Balmaceda as Saber 2022 Guan Zhihe and David Vincent as Archer 2022 Kobayashi Yu and Marin Miller as Lancer2022 2022

    Enokado Jun (Fate/Grand Order commercial, episode director) and Takahito Sakazume (Fate/Grand Order commercial episode director) now A-1 Picture . Yūkei Yamada () is designing the character, Hiroyuki Sawano (, ) is composing.


    (, ) First published

    FALSE/STATE NIGHT April Fools joke story, April 1st, 360. Narita then developed the story as


    Supplement Type-Moon Ace Vol. 2 magazine, launched in January by Before the full light novel series drawn by Shizuki Morii2022. Kadokawa ‘s Dengeki Bunko imprint published volume 7 of the light novel in February. Morii has also been drawing the manga adaptation at the same time.

    Source: Aniplex Online Music Festival2022

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