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'FBI' Co-Creator Craig Turk, CBS 'See It Now Studios' Sets Real FBI Documentary Series at Paramount+

FBI Co-creator Craig Turk is bringing the bureau’s real Story brought to Paramount+.

The veteran writer is teaming up with former FBI agent Anne Beagan, CBS’s See It Now Studios and Canada’s Efram Films on a documentary series telling the true story of FBI agents. 21 Episode series FBI True will be available on Paramount+ starting in February.

This episode is based on candid conversations between agents at their favorite New York City bar, the Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor, across the street from the FBI offices.

“In this light-hearted setting, they share chilling stories of the FBI’s dangerous missions in the United States and around the world,” according to the series description. “With everything at stake, what choices did they make? How did they keep a kidnapped child’s life in danger, or a bomb ticking in an unknown location, or a terrorist on the loose? Calm?”

FBI True will feature surveillance footage, interrogations of hostage-takers and terrorists, and agents’ collections personal photos. Stories in the series include the hunt for the mob Whitey Bulger, DC Beltway snipers, David Koresh’s Waco compound fire, and the Benghazi embassy attack.

CBS, and in turn, sister streaming service Paramount+ has long had success with crime procedurals, including CSI series, FBI series, and of course NCIS, this would Wrecking Gunsmoke’s ) CBS Primetime Records & Seasons 21 .

FBI True is an example of how these entertainment companies want to capitalize on their popular scripted dramas on streaming platforms , betFBI viewers will be interested in the real-life stories that inspired the scripted series.

Here’s the trailer:



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