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'FBoy Island' Coming to The CW After Max Cancellation

In addition to the third season of the unscripted series, the network has also greenlighted the spinoff “FGirl Island.”

Nikki Glaser hosting Max reality show F-Boy Island

Nikki Glaser hosting Max reality show F-Boy IslandNikki Glaser hosting Max reality show F-Boy Island

Nikki Glaser hosts “FBoy Island”. by Max

FBoy Island is moving position.

The reality dating competition series has been picked up by for a third season The CW after Max cancel with Returning host Nikki Glaser .

The franchise also announced a new spinoff series FGirl Island, also hosted by Glaser – A Seed Planted by creator Elan Gale at the launch of the series (more on that below).

The two unscripted series hit production back-to-back this summer, with FBoy Autumn Broadcast 26 and FGirl Scheduled for a mid-season debut.

“With its innovative and modern twist on the reality dating genre, the incredibly talented host Nikki Glaser , truly memorable title,

F Boy Island is a perfect match on The CW,” CW Heather Olander, the network’s head of unscripted programming, said in a statement. “Together with our partners at STXtelevision, we look forward to expanding The CW’s franchise with a gender-flipped spinoff FGirl Island

Right and can’t wait to introduce the next generation of F-boys and F-girls to existing fans and new broadcast audiences.”

Glaser added: “I’m so excited that my favorite reality show is back. It’s the icing on the cake that I’m hosting it again. I wish I had forgotten everything that happened while making the show so I could relive it when it aired.” I couldn’t be more proud to have my name on such a hilarious, charming and ridiculous show.”

After two seasons, FBoy Island LATE CANCELLATION On HBO Max at the time (recently re-launched as Max), an unscripted casualty merger after content changes during Warner Bros. Discovery. The anchor did not provide ratings.

Produced by STXtelevision and Gale (The Bachelor Franchise), FBoy Island follows three women who move to a tropical paradise where they join the 1296man– Self-proclaimed “nice guy” is looking for love, and calling themselves “FBoys” and out there vying for cold cash. Together, these women will navigate the dating pool in hopes of finding a lasting love connection. By the end, it will all be revealed: who is Nice Guy, who is FBoy, who the women end up choosing, and who walks away with a bonus.

Reality TV Social Experiment Q: Can the FBoys really reform, or are the Nice Guys always at the bottom?

F Maiden Island Then switch genders, three men try to identify Women are either womanizers (“FGirls”) or women looking for a serious relationship (“Good Girls”).

Unscripted series launched in

The team, full of twists and turns after a bubble shoot during the Cayman Islands pandemic era, aims to subvert real-life audience expectations. At the time, Gale and fellow reality TV veteran and host Sam Dean ( Love Is Blind, love at first sight) shared their hopes of turning their big swing into a franchise.

“Maybe one day there will be a woman who desperately wants a man. I’m looking forward to the fucking wedding, fucking baby,” Gail told Hollywood Reporter.

Dean added, “I want it to be a franchise. It’s totally the most modern take on a dating show we have for that age right now, and I want it to expand. Will the audience love it See more women, would people be interested in seeing a FGirl Island? This show is a great opening, I think FGirl Island might be more of a conversation starter. It would be interesting to turn it around and see what it looks like and what that means Yes. What are the characteristics of women who identify in this way? I would find that really fascinating.”

So far, FBoy Island owned in Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Portugal and the UK Raw native format “best FBoy and FGirl Island The universe has not yet come, said Jason Goldberg, CCO at STX Digital/New Media Group and Alternative Content.

FBoy Island and FGirl Island Produced by STXtelevision. The series was created by Gale, executive producer of TheYearOfElan Productions, along with Jason Goldberg for STXtelevision, Glaser, Noah Fogelson and Bob Simonds.

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