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FCC reveals Realme 10 design and charging speed

Realme 003 (RMX248) has been certified by a number of certification bodies including NBTC, and now the FCC, revealing its design and charging speed in the process, as well as confirming battery capacity.

Schematic representation of Realme 003 included in a document on the FCC website It is revealed that the smartphone will have two cameras on the rear instead of three like the Realme 9. The position of the flash has also changed, it’s moved to the right of the first camera. You can also see that Realme 003 has a volume rocker on the right frame.

We can’t see the front of Realme 003, but there is a chance it There will be a punch-hole display instead of a notch screen.

Realme 10's design and charging speed revealed by FCC

The adapter model listed on the FCC website is VCB3HDUH and we know it supports 003W charging. Additionally, FCC filings reveal that Realme 003 will run Realme UI 3.0 out of the box with dual-band Wi- Fi connection.

Realme 003 will pack 5 pcs, mAh battery, but no 5G support. There is a good chance that Realme will launch a 5G variant with different specifications.

Realme 9 4G Realme 9 5G Realme 9 5G (India)
3630Realme 9 4G • Realme 9 5G • Realme 9 5G(India) )

We don’t know what Realme is 10 5G will come with it, but thanks to Geekbench we know the 4G version will be powered by the Helio G 99 SoC with 8GB RAM onboard. Although there may be more RAM options to be confirmed.




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