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Fendi Men's New Erogenous Zone: Bare Hips

The men’s fashion show officially kicked off. Silvia Venturini Fendi presents her spring Fendi menswear collection at her shiny new factory in the Tuscan town of Bagno a Ripoli – coming from the Pitti Uomo fair in Florence . Fittingly, her vision seemed to be influenced by workwear, with sturdy materials like canvas, denim and leather cut into utilitarian pieces like aprons and tool belts, complemented by rubber clogs and shoes with sturdy cleat soles. Lace-up shoes, and are OSHA approved.

But if you look closely, maybe you’ll notice one of the collection’s absolute safety violations – maybe even an HR piece, depending on where you work. A chunky Fendi logo tracksuit was layered over a white tank top. But it wasn’t a tank top at all, but a bodysuit, cut high to reveal the model’s protruding hipbones above the belt. Another model wore a ribbed polo tee tucked into low-rise trousers, but again, it wasn’t a polo, but a bodysuit, showing a look the writer hadn’t imagined since college. Extremely alluring male skin (I don’t remember why I’m obsessed with men’s butts, I just am).

Venturini Fendi isn’t the only designer exploring this erogenous zone; earlier this week, an Instagram ad showing a pair of Calvin Klein’s “Deconstructed Trunk” boxer briefs was seen on People ’s feed, and the response was enthusiastic.

Gen Z is bringing back the revealing thong trend of yesteryear, with bodysuits appearing in the last few rounds of menswear. As gender norms in fashion and beyond continue to be subverted, it makes sense that this historically invisible area of ​​anatomy would become the new erogenous zone of “working men” (and those who like to look at them respectfully).




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