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Ferragamo Resort 2024

For Ferragamo’s creative director, Maximilian Davis, tight-knit family ties are clearly a fascinating reference. Hailing from a Trinidad-Jamaica clan who now works for the extended Ferragamo Tribe, it’s a concept that resonates. “I’m focused on Italian families, and what a family wears can be passed down from generation to generation,” he said at a showroom appointment.

The way the Milanese dress is also impressive on him. “When I moved here, I was amazed at how sophisticated people presented themselves on the street, at work or at home.” A friend once said that Milanese women dress like men by day and sirens at night. Davis certainly felt the vibe of restrained elegance, but he also felt that subtle and seductive side. What he brings to today’s Ferragamo is a rigorous sensualism centered on precise, contemporary tailoring fused with luxurious indulgence. He relies on the craftsmanship and resources the firm can provide to add clarity and edge for high-end execution. The cooler weather, now that the fashion temperature has dropped to minimalism, also seems to favor his Ferragamo treatment.

For resorts, his cuts are slim, straight, or waisted and sculpted, maintained by a compact build. A highlight among the outerwear was a solid-shouldered but hourglass-shaped black city coat with Davis’ signature angled buttons; smooth and soft to the touch, it was actually made of flocked denim. Like other key pieces in the collection, it is suitable for both men and women.

Part of the designer’s strategy was to elevate the sporty look to the trendy one. A prime example was a classic bomber jacket lifted by a round, mid-century couture volume that was proposed alongside the midi A-line skirt as a new template for dresses. Shape-holding and smooth nubuck in soft caramel tones accentuated the sensual touch Davis often added to clean, linear structures.

Building a Ferragamo wardrobe family for stylish youngsters, Davis offers cocoon hoodies and dolman-sleeve cropped jackets; It’s cut from luxurious Nat wool.

What sets Davies’ approach apart is the subtle “freaky undertone,” as he puts it, which he adds to his collection. Some of the looks here ooze fetish vibes with shiny black patent stretch boots and curved heels. “Every family has taboos,” he said. no doubt.



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