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Fertility Research 2019-2022

After a few years on the pill, my body is slowly returning to a regular menstrual cycle.

In 2019 I decided to put aside the concept of Western medicine and embark on a journey of self-healing, diving into the various traditions of the world, Looking for a solution to the depression I’ve been going through. The consequences of hormonal imbalance are mental and physical, characterized by depressive states, anxiety and fatigue, conditions associated with disruption of self-regulating internal systems. I understand that acceptance of menstruation is a fundamental step towards women’s flourishing and their flourishing existence as part of society. Research into holistic and traditional indigenous medicine demonstrates the value of synchronizing the physical and spiritual body with the natural biorhythms of the Earth and Moon, exploring the wisdom of cyclical living to restore harmony with the nurturing woman.

Through a theory and transformative vision of the maternal nature of connecting humans to their environment as an aspect of public existence, the project aims to reflect on harmonious and rich coexistence with nature and on the life of sacred reverence. This is a study of women and their place in contemporary life, communities, who resonate independently with their sexuality, creating spaces for dialogue and information.

Bodhi Shola


The uterus is the center and source of female intuition, allowing women to experience reality clearly.

Alexandra Von Fuerst




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