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Filmart: CJ ENM predicts sci-fi series pitting schoolchildren against alien monsters will be 'biggest show of 2023'

Hong Kong Filmart opens its edition on Monday, hoping to discover the next big thing in Asian content, as well as South Korean entertainment Giant CJ ENM believes it’s making money with Duty After School, a new series that pits high school students against invading monsters from outer space.

“This is the biggest show,” said Sebastian S. Kim (Sebastian Kim) predicted.

The clip from Duty After School was the highlight of the CJ showreel that Kim brought to Hong Kong. It reveals a schoolyard sci-fi show that looks crafted for a teenage audience with big-screen production standards. According to Kim, it and other CJ productions are now directly benefiting from the recent Korean content success stories.

“ Parasite and Squid Game are made for the domestic market, but they are supported by global OTT platforms , and gradually gain access to the global market,” he said. “The additional funding from our global audience gives us a bigger budget. We want to make sure our company brings the best value to both content creators and platforms, and we want to scale up so we can produce shows that we weren’t able to produce before. “

It’s been three years since Filmart came out, so those who have been come to Monday’s opening day, hoping to get another glimpse into the atmosphere and trends in the region across Asia. content. Kim spoke as scheduled at the trio’s opening session, which focused on ” and the Asian wave beyond.”

Korean content continues to pave the way forward for the region, with representatives from both companies and countries joining Kim on stage at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center hoping to follow suit.

Sanmesh Thakur, executive vice president and head of Asia-Pacific at Zee Entertainment Enterprises in India, said his company would hedge its global ambitions in drama because “we all The same thing weep.” Today, the determining factor in success or failure in finding an audience is more about how the story is told than what it is. He suggested that “unconventional” is the way forward.

“The people who are consuming this content today, mainly millennials, want something fast,” he said. “It’s purely the social media generation, that’s why they’re looking for it. So as long as the creators keep delivering the same type of content to their consumers, I think it’s going to continue to work. There’s a finite number of stories, so tell The way the story goes may vary.”

Ziraviss Vindhanapisuth, vice president of international business at Thailand’s BEC World listed company, said his company has a strong presence in romantic comedies and traditional Thai horror films has achieved success in the market. He said it was surprising to see the global success of a string of BL dramas that were initially popular in markets such as Japan, Taiwan and Korea, but are increasingly popular in the U.S. Many audiences us. The collections were originally aimed at the domestic and Southeast Asian markets — but that is changing, he said.

“We thought it was a niche audience, but now it’s a broad audience,” Ziraviss said.



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