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Filming Today, September 17: Answers and Tips for Film of the Day (Saturday)

Trying to fix today’s September 17th frame and need help?

Today is Saturday, you can check the results for the past week. Are there any movies that gave you trouble, or were you able to solve the game without our help? Regardless, if you need any help, we are still your lifeline! Let’s end the week strong! Read on for our tips that will help you solve your frame problems today. If you missed yesterday’s movie, check out our framing guide. Remember to check back every day for more tips and clues for each frame.

How to play with frames

Framed is similar to Wordle and Heardle, but for movie lovers. Every day, a new movie is picked and players have the opportunity to guess the title based on a series of images from the movie. If you guess wrong, a new image will be displayed. Players can only see up to six images from the movie. If you can’t guess based on the image, the player can skip to the next image by leaving the input blank and clicking submit. Our goal is to make as little guesswork as possible about the title of the movie.

Tips for Framed Saturday, September 17

  • Today’s Framed came out in 1987.
  • Today’s Framed is directed by Paul Verhoeven.
  • Today’s Framed stars Peter Weller and Nancy Allen.
  • A man looks on his phone. ryanking999/123RF

    Framed Answers for Saturday September 17th

    If you’re still confused then we’ll step in and offer some help. If you want to see Framed’s answer today, scroll below. Today Framed’s answer is… Robocop

    RoboCop (11/11) Movie Clip – Dick, You’re Fired! (1987) HD

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