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FINA Approves Inclusive Soul Cap For Natural Black Hair

AP Photo/ Charlie Neberg

This Soul Cap for natural black hair was officially approved by FINA on Friday.

Brent Norwich, executive director of FINA, said the approval of the swim caps came “in the past year” There has been a period of review and discussion on the cap design between FINA and the Soul Cap,” he told UK’s Metro .

Soul Cap said in a press release on its website:

“It has long been a tradition for swimmers with thick, curly or shaggy hair Swimming caps have always been a hindrance. They don’t always find the right one for their hair type, which often means that swimmers from certain backgrounds end up avoiding the competition or giving up the sport entirely.

“We want to see swimming become an accessible sport with gear and swimwear that allows anyone to participate and see success.
“This new FINA approval is a huge step in the right direction – bringing inclusive swimwear to competitive swimming and helping to remove some of the barriers that hold back swimmers from this sports.”

At last year’s Olympics, FINA does not allow soul caps. According to the Associated Press, the global governing body for competitive swimming said there was no reason to use a hat because swimmers “have never used, nor need, a hat of this size and configuration.”

FINA also said the soul cap did not “[follow] the natural shape of the head,” as outlined in the organization’s swimwear requirements this rule.

In an interview with Sky Sports last year, Black Swimming Association president Danielle Obe said that hair “is swimming” A significant barrier to movement. — especially women — from many people of color in our community” and should approve the Soul Cap to help “overcome” this barrier.

The approval of the Soul Cap is an important step in the right direction and will encourage People consider participating in competitive swimming. We should now see it used in the next Olympics and other competitive events.



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