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Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered Series Coming to PS4 and Switch in Spring 2023

Square Enix announced on Sunday that it will release

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Game SeriesNintendo Switch and PlayStation

4 Spring 2023. Fans can purchase the games individually or as a bundle.

The limited edition physical version is called Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster -FF253th Anniversary Edition- is now available for pre-order. Collector’s Edition includes a set of vinyl pictures, eight 3D pixel figurines, a picture book, and a lenticular lens tube.

This bundle will include the first six major numbered titles from the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster release Final Fantasy

game series.

Square Enix previously released Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

for Steam ) series of games and mobile devices. These games are 2D remakes of the first six main numbered games in the series

. Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered

, Final Fantasy II Pixel Remake and Final Fantasy III Pixel Remake game launched in July 210. Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster game launched in September2021. Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster Available in November2023. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster game launched in February193092.

Source: FINAL FANTASYfranchise‘s twitter account

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