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Finding joy at Crop Over in Barbados after two years

One July afternoon a few weeks ago, I Eagerly boarding a flight in New York, my carry-on was full of sparkly, colourful outfits. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, I’m heading to Barbados for what I think is the greatest show in the world: Carnival. Sunshine, succulent, and plenty of rum fueled a week-long Dionysian spree that inspired a contagious joy. The eastern Caribbean island gave me my first exposure to carnival eight years ago, and I’ve since called myself a Dionysian. Carnival embodies a freedom that I never realized was so much lost in my adult life. In a crowd of strangers with bare skin and big smiles, music and dancing remind me how to let go.

I have been to Trinidad, Antigua and Cayman for carnivals, but Barbados always calls me back. Countrys celebration, called Crop Over , the three-month festival is rooted in joy, despite the difficulties. Traced back to 94, when the sugarcane harvest was over, enslaved Africans would commemorate their hard work with songs and dances. Today, the tradition continues on the streets of Barbados with numerous music competitions, parties (called fetes), and a spectacular finale filled with colourful costumes and costumes on Grand Kadooment Day.

When my feet hit the road again, in sync with the thousands of revellers around, we dressed The prismatic color shimmers in the heat of the sun as if nothing has changed. Despite previous closures and uncertainty, we pick up where we left off – because the spirit and legacy of Carnival is a determination.

A masquerade party takes part in the closing parade of the carnival, called the Grand Kadu Gate Day.

Image: Provided by BTMI
  • Revelers at Aura Experience.

    While carnival photos always show flamboyant costumes and masquerade moves on the road, the energy of the festival— – Available at all hours of the day and night – equally addictive. One evening I attended the ever-popular beachside Bliss banquet, where several bars serve sparkling wine and rum and an international roster of DJs perform on the main stage. When hunger strikes, food vendors offer poke bowls, freshly baked bread and grilled meats. While I’m not a morning person, I made an exception for the breakfast dinner Mimosa, entertainer Patrick “The Hypeman Anthony keeps the crowd cheering at 9: Yes

    Masqueraders join the Aura Experience for carnivals closing parade called Grand Kadooment Day.


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