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Fire Emblem Engage Game Gets Manga Adaptation

engage-manga© Nintendo / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS © Kazurō Kyō / Shueishaengage-mangaNintendo announced Friday that its Fire Emblem Engage The strategy RPG is getting a manga adaptation. Kazurō Kyō (Himedol!!) will draw manga.

The manga will be serialized in

of Shueisha Magazine and Shueisha

website and app as a monthly serial. Shueisha

will publish comics in the March issue Prologue On February 3, the prologue happened before the main character, Allaire, woke up from a long slumber.

The manga will be officially serialized in the April issue of

March 3rd, debuted on the same day.

Nintendo released the gameNintendo launches on Friday.

Nintendo Describe the story:

In a war against the dragon, the four kingdoms joined forces with heroes from other worlds to seal this great evil. A thousand years later, the seal is weakened, and the dragon is about to wake up. As a Shenlong, use rich strategies and powerful customizations to fulfill your destiny – collect emblem rings and bring peace back to the land of the gods.

The game allows the player to summon the hero Emblem from Fire The game is called “Engaging”, join them in the battle, including Marth and Celica. Participation allows players to “inherit weapons, abilities, and more from these battle-tested legends.”

The game’s paid expansion pass will be released in four parts, the first of which will published on the date. Three other expansions are coming this year.

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