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'Fire Island' star Joel King booster responds to Billy Eichner's comments on 'one-off' LGBTQ streaming project

Joel Kim Booster weighing in on Billy Eichner recent comments on his upcoming LGBTQ rom-com Bros is in theaters.

Booster, writer and star of this summer’s Hulu movie Fire Island , on Sunday on Twitter, about his recent relationship with Eichner Variety about his Universal Pictures release, Brothers , it’s touted as the first LGBTQ romantic comedy to get a theatrical release from the studio. Eichner told the publication that his film feels historic because it will be released in theaters, rather than “some streaming thing that feels like a one-off, or like one of a million Netflix shows.”

Social media users wonder if Eichner might refer to the Hulu project as Fire Island , an updated version of Jane Austen’s ‘s Pride and Prejudice , in which a group of gay friends hang out at New York’s veritable beach destination or Hulu’s 2022 Holiday Movies Happiest Seasons by Christine Starring Stewart. This apparently led Booster to explain that when the Eichner interview was published, he had no cell phone service in the desert, and besides, the Billy star on the street as his Friend and first comedy boss who supported him throughout the production of Fire Island .

“Looks like he’s super excited about his movie getting theatrical release, it’s pretty fucking cool, I’m sure the studio and his PR Personnel are keeping him talking about this,” Booster wrote. “God knows, I said a lot of stupid things without the help of a PR person.”

He continued, “I do it for my movies and all the people who help me. Proud to make it happen, I’m grateful it’s being streamed by so many people and don’t think it’s less valuable because of that. Having said that, I’m also happy to see it on the big screen Bros and best wishes to Billy. I really hope you enjoy both of our movies or neither without pitting them against each other (Although it’s obviously a very interesting thing, basically created for gay Twitter).”

Booster continued, who had already spoken to Eichner , who co-wrote and starred in the film, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival until September. released, and they have cleared the air. Booster added that he wasn’t grappling with the situation and was focusing on other things.

After the initial attention surrounding his comments, Eichner 1235353964 Apologise “from the bottom of his heart” to anyone who feels offended or insulted. “I’m not referring at all to the quality or outsize impact of streaming movies, I’m referring to the way LGBTQ+ content has historically been considered niche and ignored by Hollywood,” he wrote.

The star added that he is “very proud Brother is one of many projects – drama, streaming, online Wait – so many of us are finally starting to tell our own LGBTQ+ stories.”

On June 3 Fire Island , Booster told The Hollywood Reporter that he wasn’t sure he wanted the movie to hit theaters. In recent years, the debate over whether the rom-coms that have grown from streaming to cottage industry can regain their dominance in the big game has continued Screen.

“I want everyone to have the experience of seeing this in a movie theater if they want to,” Booster said at the time. “But do I think it’s important? Do I almost think it’s more helpful for it to flow from the jump? Yes. I think it’s going to find an audience that may not be able to see a movie in theaters right now.”




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