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First Attack's Titan Crossover Now Lives After Survival Game

NetEase Games )’ LifeAfter survival game initiated with first crossover event last Thursday. The event includes a brand new stage featuring Armored Titans and above 29 crossover items and will run through September .

Much like the original story of , LifeAfter crossover event puts cannibal titan out of hope . In the new “Armored Titans Assault Camp” phase, players work in groups of four to fend off Titans and defend supply boxes in the city center, but the armored Titans regularly destroy fortifications. Crossover items include cosmetic items such as character clothing and interior decoration. You can also fight in the air with the iconic vertical maneuvering unit. Game is on Google Play ) gift card giveaway on their Facebook page. To participate, like the corresponding post on the page and follow the instructions. NetEase Games launched its LifeAfter Nov Chinese Open World Zombie Survival Mobile Game2018, and February in English-speaking regions 29. Article and Image Source: Press Release 189884




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