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First-gen Black Shark VR hardware scrapped as Tencent refuses to buy Android gaming smartphone brand

The Black Shark 5 series. (Source: Black Shark)

Black Shark 5 series. (Source: Black Shark)

Xiaomi has reportedly been in talks to sell its premium gaming smartphone brand Black Shark to Tencent since early 2022. The latest news, however, is that the software giant has finally backed away from its decision to buy the company. Black Shark has now apparently had to let up to half of its staff go, and abandoned plans to build on that into virtual reality (VR) technology.

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According to reports, Black Shark is Assemble a team that could bring the brand’s often unique, gaming-centric design and penchant for high-end mobile specs to VR gaming hardware in the near future. However, the prospect of any possible disposable earphones is now clearly off the table, as the Xiaomi subsidiary won’t go to a new owner after all.

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Science and Technology Innovation Board , Tencent decided to give up the negotiation of acquiring Black Shark, this transaction may be bad for Xiaomi Said to be worth about $420 million.

Therefore, Android smartphone brands have to make up to 50% of employees leave. Clearly, all of Black Shark’s divisions have been affected by involuntary layoffs, although its new VR division has apparently been hit the hardest: most of its long-term employees have apparently been laid off, while all of its temporary or probationary roles have been cut.

Meanwhile, Black Shark’s more mature flagship for mobile gaming The line bucks the trend towards the end of 2022, as it has yet to produce an intermediate upgrade powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC. This move (or lack thereof) could be influenced by the reported failure to become a Tencent company, although it may be too early to assert.

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