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First look at 'The Industry' star Marisa Abella as Amy Winehouse in 'Back to Black'

The remarkable story of Amy Winehouse – the talented singer-songwriter who went from a rising star in the London jazz scene to a six-time The Grammy winner and Halloween costume inspiration superstar has died in London of alcohol poisoning. 13 – has been told in several different forms.

Amy with 27, Asif Kapadia’s Oscar-winning documentary; 2018 Amy Winehouse: Back to Black, Jeremy Marre gives insight into the making of the self-titled album; and 2021’s Marina Parker directed Reclaiming Amy, in which her friends and family reflect on her life and legacy. But now, her harrowing story of stratospheric ascent and subsequent descent is getting the big-screen treatment in a major new Hollywood biopic.

July2022 , 2022, Deadline broke the news that the film from 2018, will now be produced by StudioCanal. Titled Back to Black, it will see Sam Taylor-Johnson, in Nowhere Boy and Winehouse’s close friend Fifty Shades of Gray took the lead behind the camera. Meanwhile, the screenplay was penned by Matt Greenhalgh, whose credits include Nowhere Boy, about John Lennon’s teenage The Times, and Control

, follow Joy Division’s Ian Curtis — a record that heralds upcoming films.

It’s also important to note that the film is fully supported by the estate of Amy Winehouse, which includes the musician’s father Mickey (Mitch), after the release of the Kapadia documentary, Mitch was criticized for being the role of his daughter’s downfall. The decision means Taylor-Johnson will be allowed to delve into Winehouse’s lurid back catalog, but it also raises questions about how sympathetically her family has been portrayed. Will the biopic focus on the latter half of her career and chart-topping second album, as the title suggests, or will it also explore her childhood? Will it be more focused on her musical success or her struggles with substance abuse and destructive relationships?

However, the big question is always: who on earth can play the tattooed, beehive, cat-eyed singer? The answer is Industry star Marisa Abela, who has dazzled critics and viewers alike with her captivating Yasmin portrayal for both seasons of the hit series. The 13 year-old also has Jewish ancestry, a fact that was reportedly important to the film’s creative team in order to truly reflect Winehouse’s own background, and has singing experience, although this has not been shown in her previous screen parts. In January 13, Winehouse’s iconic beehives, gold hoops, tattoos and piercings, an impressive cast of characters debut – and have people High hopes.




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