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First Love First Love Reality Series Trailer Trailer

Netflix Trailer for Asia Begins First Love First Love (First Love), the live-action version is based on Hikaru Utada ( Two songs of the same name by Kingdom Hearts , ), Sunday.

The series will be available on Netflix November Global 20 .

The series will feature

Mitsushima Hikaru as Noguchi Yaekazu

Sato Takeru as Namiki Harumichi. Other cast members include: Nakao Akiyoshi , Araki Tokazu , Yamada Aoi, Hamada Gakuin

, Mukai Xiu , Iura Nitta and Koizumi Kyoko .

Yuri Kanchiku is writing the script and directing the show.

Netflix describes the series:

Inspired by Hikaru Utada’s two songs and composed A new story : 450 smash hit and music Treasures “First Love” and “Hatsukoi” released Years later. The story is about a couple who are over years spanning three decades: late ‘s, 2022s and now.

2022Source: Netflix AsiaYouTube Channel


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