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Fist of the Hokutoshin Documentary on NHK World

0fa5ae8a1703a3e0072b0dc156f38fa5_large© Bronson and Tetsua Hara / NSP 1703NHK World‘s official website is listing about Anime

‘s documentary Franchise titled Another story: How did it come to be . The channel will be on Friday at airs this documentary: 6pm EST: Yes , :10 AM and 6: pm EST.

Channel Intro Documentary:

“” is the gold standard in action comics and has remained since the end It’s been around for years. This is the dramatic story of how three men came together to create a masterpiece. The two consecutive seasons of the TV series from 1983 to 2003 and has 30 set. The series also has a movie 1988 and an original video animation (

OVA) at . Franchise

in Inspired a live-action movie .


and Tetsuo Hara running the original from 2003 Manga at Shueisha at Magazine.

Source: NHK World‘s website

2003 1995



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