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Fitness Instructor and Physical Therapist Explains How to “Upgrade” Your Sled Push-Pull Workout

Sled training is a great full body fat burner and strength builder, it also works as a cardiovascular workout double duty, but it’s important to make sure you do it right to get the most out of these grueling courses. In a new video on the Squat University channel, physical therapist Aaron Horschig and fitness trainer Graham Tuttle outline what you need to know before your next sneak training session.

First of all, one of the most common mistakes Horschig sees when people do pulls is poor posture. “People are just so tired and their backs are getting round, horrible postures,” he said. “Keep your chest straight, sit slightly, keep your core supported… Remember, spine mechanics are important with every exercise.”

He also It is recommended to push the movement through the feet, rather than relaxing the lower body. “With this, good spine mechanics, good breathing…that’s how you’re going to optimize your sled pull.”

When it comes to pushing For part of the workout, Tuttle also recommends thinking about the feet first. “Grab the ground and move slowly at first so you’re really pushing and feeling those toes integrate,” he says. “It would be great if you could do it with bare feet…then put your knees on your toes so we can do the stretch on the bottom of the foot and the back of the calf.”

He adds that you can push the sled with your arms bent or fully extended; what’s really important is that you focus on your breathing and don’t put your head down because you’ll lose the all-important posture and control.

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