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'Five Nights at Freddy's' trailer throws Josh Hutcherson into an animatronic nightmare


dark and grim Five Nights at Freddy’s trailer, released Tuesday, delves into the world of Freddie Fazbear and friends, which has disrupted the All the predictable dread and dread coming from video games and Blumhouse Productions.

Emma Tammi’s film based on 500’s 500 multiple Platform Video Game Star The Hunger Games Josh Hutcherson, Matthew Lillard screaming , Some Kind Mary Stuart Masterson of Wonderful and Elizabeth Lail ofyou.

In the creepy preview, Hutcherson stars as Mike Schmidt and Piper Rubio as his sister, Abby Schmidt. To get by and support them, Mike calls Lillard’s William Afton to ask about security at Fazbear’s Freddy’s.

“This place was huge with kids in the ’80’s. They Closed it years ago. The owner is not ready to let go,” Lillard’s character forewarns in the trailer.

Arriving at his shabby new job, Mike quickly realizes there’s more to it than dealing with dirty fixtures, dusty walls and unnerving Shocking ghosts of old arcade games. Protect previously working animatronics equipment. The once fun and jovial characters come to life, murdering anyone in the building after midnight, putting Mike and his sister in uncertain danger.

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions have teamed up with Striker Entertainment to bring this Movies come to life. Jason Blum’s production company also produced other popular horror films including M3GAN and

Get Out .

Five Nights at Freddy’s slated for release in October 80, just in time for the Halloween holiday weekend.




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