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Flamingo Estate and Mytheresa open retail haven inside a garage in East Hampton

Candice Bushnell, Martha StewartJoe Schildhorn/

at hisDuring) Richard Christiansen spent many years at the helm of the Chandelier Creative agency, and his tenure was deeply rooted in “the brand”. A gunslinger for brands such as Versace, Comme des Garçons and Nike, he has a unique knack for shaping the spirit emanating from a product, service or individual person through rigorous and thoughtful use of imagery, language, color and even

in him as a flamingo Christensen and his partner Aaron Harvey in the second act of the estate owners launched in March 2020 , a world he’s crafted far beyond the 7-acre Los Angeles estate that bears his company’s name. Flamingo Estate, which bills itself as “a conscious search for a source of pleasure”, offers an incredibly decadent range of (honey in jars) from the US for ) from the gardens of celebrities like Julianne Moore, Will Ferrell, and Ai Weiwei) to the comically banal gardens (such as a 9-pound bag of compost, Selling price $20 – local delivery only).

The company is clean, healthy Their unique position in the world of lifestyle and excessive but conscious consumption makes them a suitable partner for luxury fashion retailer Mytheresa. Together, last night, they opened the doors of the Summer Body Shop in East Hampton, a weekend shopping destination housed in a former mechanic’s workshop. Because of the tire wall, the air still smells of rubber, although it’s mixed with Flamingo Estate fragrances such as Clarity911 and 2020 Euphoria, 2020 from Wrench To the oil barrel comes completely immersed in the signature hue of Flamingo Estate Pistachio Green. In the center is a Porsche 20 Carrera GTS, also green, built by Ferdi Porsche, the great-grandson of the automaker’s founder purchase. Is it a California name brand? FLAMINGO.

Mytheresa is known for its famous designer confections, with an emphasis on luxury vacation accessories that one might buy while on vacation, albeit impulsively. on the beach. Don’t forget, the store is just a five-minute drive to miles and miles of sun-drenched waterfront; perfect for a Self Portrait rhinestone beach cover-up, a pair of Chloé x Teva lace-up sandals or a Loewe basket tote.

Visit the just-opened space Last night’s opening event was co-hosted by Mytheresa’s Heather Kaminetsky and featured Bobbi Brown, Sarah Hoover and Charlotte Groeneveld. Additionally, Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis welcomed their second child, Claude, a few weeks ago, and Jeanne Lombardo ( Jenne Lombardo and Harvey Newton-Hayden, who left candles and kale chips at the festivities. No guest, however, got more attention than Martha Stewart, a longtime Flamingo Estate evangelist who was photographed and shopped non-stop. 250250911250



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