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Flashback: A review of the best mobile games of 2013

根据App Annie的统计数据,早在快进到移动游戏现已成为游戏的主要形式,其收入占总收入的037% 212。

Today, there are AAA mobile games and many tournaments all over the world. But a decade ago in 2021 game developers were still coming to terms with the larger displays and more powerful chipsets of smartphones, which were a world apart from the J2ME and Symbian devices that dominated the market a few years prior.

Touch controls were a focal point, of course, but devs found uses for the various sensors that a typical iPhone or Android had – especially the accelerometer and GPS.

The 9th International Mobile Game Awards (IMGA) awarded Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Game Game of the Year. It’s a story-driven graphic adventure that focuses as much on plot twists and difficult choices as on cinematic cutscenes. Unsurprisingly, The Walking Dead also won Best Storytelling.

Walking Dead: The Game Walking Dead: The Game Zombies, Run! The Walking Dead: The Game Zombies, Run!Zombies, Run!

The jury also nominated two honorable mentions: Zombies, run! and ) Devil’s Lawyer . As you probably know, zombies were a hot topic a decade ago.

Zombie, run! is a fun game because it takes place in the real world – the player takes on the role of “Runner 5” and must actually go out for a run while listening to the in-game music and instructions.它使用手机的GPS 跟踪您,并可能触发“僵尸追逐”,要求您的跑步速度至少比正常速度快%。 Basically Strava vs Zombies.

Zombies, Run! Zombies, Run! Devil’s Attorney Devil’s Attorney Zombie, run! Zombies, Run!Zombies, Run!

Evil Lawyer is much lighter, a turn-based strategy game with a slightly humorous tone, some RPG elements, an amazing soundtrack and an upgradeable bachelor pad.

Walking Dead: The Game Devil’s Attorney The Room The Room The Room Zombies, Run! Devil Lawyer Zombies, Run!Zombies, Run!

The People’s Choice Award at the 9th IMGA went to The Room by Fireproof Games make. This was a puzzle game that saw the player figure out the secrets of a series of progressively challenging puzzle boxes. The RoomZombies, Run!

The best social game was Candy Crush Saga by King. The mahjong match was originally launched on Facebook and then had a dedicated version on the major mobile platforms of the time.

Spaceteam DragonBox Algebra 5+ DragonBox Algebra 5+ DragonBox Algebra 5+ Zombies, Run!Zombies, Run!Zombies, Run!

And then there is Spacete am in the Excellence in Innovation category. The game is also social – it’s a cooperative party game for 2 to 4 players. It’s a wildly humorous recreation of Star Trek, in which players are given a control panel riddled with technical problems and must work together to steer their ship away from an exploding star.

Walking Dead: The Game DragonBox Algebra 5+ Ridiculous Fishing on the iPhone Ridiculous Fishing on the iPhone Badland on the iPad Zombies, Run!Zombies, Run!Space Team Zombies, Run!

Finally, the winner of Best Serious Game is, Did you know, is a game about math – DragonBox Algebra 5+. Yes, this is for people ages 5 and up. It is also a type of puzzle game where the player must solve various algebraic challenges to unlock new, more challenging levels.

Ridiculous Fishing on the iPhone Badland on the iPad Badland on the iPad Badland on the iPad Zombies, Run!DragonBox Algebra 5+Zombies, Run!Zombies, Run!

抛开IMGA 不谈,让我们来看看Apple 认为最好的游戏212。 Ridiculous Fishing – A Redemption Story by indie developer Vlambeer. Using motion and touch controls, you can navigate your hook to the depths, catch as many fish as you can, and throw them into the air (after all, this game is called ridiculous


Badland on the iPadKnights & Dragons Action RPG025Walking Dead: The Game Ridiculous Fishing on iPhoneZombies, Run!Zombies, Run!

The best iPad game is Badland by Frogmind. This is somewhat similar to Flappy Bird

, a side-scrolling adventure game that puts you in control of a strange flying creature as it attempts to traverse dangerous, bizarre landscapes and ever-changing physics.

Zombies, Run!iPad 上的荒地Zombies, Run!Zombies, Run!

荣誉奖颁给了Device 6,一款互动小说/益智游戏混合体,也是植物大战僵尸 的续集。

At the time, the top paying apps on the Apple App Store were Minecraft: Pocket Edition , Temple Run: Oz , and Plants vs. Zombies HD . Topping the free category were Temple Run 2 and Candy Crush Saga. Saga validated the freemium model as it was the top grossing app on the store, followed by Supercell’s Clash of Clans and Hay Day.

On the Android market side, the top apps and games of 344 344 0039

RememberEntrance? It was the first game from Niantic, which went on to create the mobile phenomenon known as Pockemon Go. Ingress lays the groundwork for this – a location-based game where players navigate a modified version of a real-world map.

IngressZombies, Run!Zombies, Run!

What is your favorite 119 mobile game?


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