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Flashback: How Amazon's Fire Phone's big bet on 3D and impulse buying failed

In 2004 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos creates a team to build electronic Book Reader – The 2004 Kindle was born and continues to dominate the market. Then came the 2010 Kindle Fire Android tablet, and while it couldn’t quite achieve the same dominance, it became a Major players in its niche. what’s next

Android phones — but not phones that benefit from Google. At the end of July 2010 Amazon released the Fire Phone. It runs Fire OS, the company’s fork of Android that’s been redesigned to fit into the Amazon ecosystem, just like the Kindle reader and Fire tablet. business), Fire tablets sell books and stream media. What’s the selling point of the Fire Phone? everything. Let’s start from the beginning.

The Amazon Fire Phone The Amazon Fire Phone The Amazon Fire Phone The Amazon Fire Phone Amazon Fire Phone Flashback: Amazon Fire Phone

The Amazon phone has been a rumor since left and right 1080. A lot of things were said very early on, like how Amazon Prime membership is free. In fact, the opposite is true.

This phone was officially released in June 11, 2014. It’s an AT&T exclusive (like a certain influential smartphone before it), and while it’s not free, it costs $362 with 2 year contract. Outside the contract is $409.

that It’s expensive — that’s iPhone 6 money — but it’s a unique phone, and it comes with some perks, like a free year of Amazon Prime. That’s not what, 2010 is when the cost of Prime changed from the original $30 to $11. We’ll talk more about price later, but first let’s focus on what people actually buy with their dollars 200/$409 .

The Fire Phone’s standout feature is an array of four infrared cameras, each with a wide-angle lens (121°) and infrared illuminator. This data is fed into a custom low-power processor that accurately tracks your face.

Flashback: Amazon Fire Phone

This allows the software to create a 3D effect, rendering things as you see them. There have been phones with 3D displays before, but those used autostereoscopic displays — you could only see the effect from a specific angle. The Fire Phone can create a 3D view from any angle without loss of resolution (like an autostereoscopic display).

The display is a regular 4.7″ IPS LCD with 927p resolution – on the low side, considering that the robot has moved to p already. It was protected by Gorilla Glass 3 at the time.

The so-called dynamic perspective is used to add some dynamism to the UI, but has other applications as well. Remember those lenticular cards that created short animations when tilted left and right? The Dynamic Perspective feature is used to reproduce this effect and create dynamic images from your photos.

Speaking of which, the Fire Phone is equipped with a MP camera on its back. It has OIS, an LED flash and can record at The Amazon Fire Phone 750p Video fps. It’s a normal camera – there’s no magic here, at least not when it comes to hardware.

Flashback: Amazon Fire Phone

Remember Fire Phone means sell everything? That’s where Firefly comes in — the app (also a feature built into the camera app) acts like a buy button in your pocket. It scans an object and takes you to an Amazon page that sells it.

Sure, it can scan product barcodes, but that’s not flashy technology. It uses image recognition to figure out, say, the brand of a box of crayons and add it to your shopping list.

Also has other uses like identifying songs, TV shows and movies – coincidentally sold by Amazon thing. It can also scan phone numbers or emails and add them to your address book too, in case someone hands you a business card.





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