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Flat Caps Are Not Just for Your Grandfather Anymore

Bevza spring 2024. 

Daniele Oberrauch,Photo: Daniele Oberrauch /

Bevza’s black satin cap is versatile, pairs easily with suiting, and elegantly complements dresses when adorned with a brooch. Personally, I switch between my white cotton Bevza flat cap and the plaid Stonehenge version during the day, pairing each with T-shirts, denim, or trousers. In the evenings, I opt for Bevza’s black satin cap, styling it with boxy oversized suits and long silk dresses.

My flat cap remains a totem of power, reminding me that a life without blue light and doom scrolling might lay ahead one day, even if that day is not today. Last week, I found myself stuck under some scaffolding, trying to avoid a downpour while juggling incoming slack messages, a phone conversation with ConEd, and dealing with the ticking time bomb of a paper shopping bag I was using as a purse, which was dissolving at the bottom.

As I adjusted my hat before leaping across the 4-foot-wide, mysteriously deep puddle between me and my destination, the act served as a reminder that this mayhem was only temporary. I plunged back into the chaos of my day, knowing that at least the top of my head was still dry, something to tip my hat to.



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