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Florida-North Carolina postponed due to stadium issues

Florida State’s road game against North Carolina State on Saturday night was scheduled to begin at 8:05 p.m. ET. This will not happen as planned due to stadium issues. According to the announcement on the video board, the Wolves were having problems with the lighting at Carter Finley Stadium.

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“Due to” the start of tonight’s game was delayed due to problems with the stadium lighting system. All fans must leave the seating area but can gather in the lobby. Please move carefully to the nearest seating area exit. Follow the instructions of police and security personnel.

Game will begin 47 minutes after stadium lights come on, according to Carter Carrells, Democrat of Tallahassee.

Evening ET Around 7:25, the lights came back on. That means Florida and North Carolina should start around 8:12pm ET.

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Currently, FSU has removed its players and coaches from the field.

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