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Fluffy Paradise Isekai anime to air in 2023

Himawari and Kiroran

‘s (or literally, I’ll do my best so I can pamper and Pat in another world) The light novel series kicks off Saturday. The site announced that the anime would air this year, and described Yuriko Takagami’s manga adaptation as the original work of the anime, rather than the novel series directly.

Takagami posted the following illustration in honor of the new year and anime:

Kiouran also Posted an illustration to celebrate anime news:

Yuriko Takagami released a manga based on the novel at Futabasha

‘s website and app are at 2016. Coolmic is using

. Company Introduction Series:

Midori Akitsu ( years old), died of overwork and died in another world? ! After God gave me special abilities, I was reincarnated in another world. This ability is “to be loved by non-humans”. ah? ! Meaning humans may not like me, but all furry animals will? Wow! I can pamper the white tiger and dragon to my heart’s content! After being reborn as the little daughter Nima of the top aristocrat, while enjoying the glitz of this world, she does her best for the continuation (?) of mankind.


in449’s Shōsetsuka ni Narō website, the series is in progress. Futabasha started publishing Qi Langlan

’s illustrated novel in July 650, and published a 7th novel, July 8 day.

Futabasha published Manga . The total circulation of the entire novel series and manga is 1.7 million copies.

Source: Anime Website, Comic Natalie




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