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Following Warner Bros. Discovery, BT Venture rebrand, TNT Sports launches in UK and Ireland, Discovery+ becomes UK streaming home

TNT The Sports brand will replace the BT Sport name in the UK and Ireland on Tuesday, adopting the rebranded partnership launched earlier this year at the joint venture Warner Bros. Discovery Channel and telecommunications giant BT. Partner pledge: “TNT Sports promises to be the ultimate home for sports fans, heralding the most significant change in sports broadcasting over the past decade.” And underlined the focus on live sports.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s streaming Discovery+ becomes TNT Sports’ streaming destination in the UK, offering consumers new ‘Premium Plan’, sporting events and entertainment for £.50 Monthly ($23.23)), same price as previous BT Sport monthly pass.

TNT Sports is available on all major pay TV platforms including BT TV, Sky and Virgin Media. Existing BT Sport customers don’t need to take any further action to watch TNT Sports.

“TNT Sports unveils a new contemporary brand, a stunning new and exciting line-up of talent, JV board member, Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe Andrew Georgiou, president and managing director, said: “Starting today, fans can watch TNT Sports in the same place they watch BT Sport, with uninterrupted access. And, with TNT Sports now live on Discovery+ in the UK, we can start to offer something simple and more engaging, appealing to the whole family, combining more live sport with entertainment. We believe this is an exceptional value proposition for fans, offering a compelling combination of sports and entertainment that is unique to Discovery+. ”

He emphasized in February that the TNT Sports name “is synonymous with premium live sporting events that Warner Bros. “Shaping” further demonstrates the global scale and expertise that Warner Bros. Discovery Channel’s partnership with BT brings. ”

Georgiou has also previously stressed that although the TNT Sports name is still little known in the UK and Ireland, he sees this as an opportunity. “It’s a clean slate . People in the trade may know what tradition the letters TNT stand for, or what TNT means in the US or Latin America, but consumers in the UK and Ireland don’t. “So, for them, it’s a fresh start, and for us, having that fresh start means being able to ensure that we can infuse the brand with a global and broad sports portfolio over time.” etc.

TNT Sports has brought together the content portfolio of the two partners and will “provide fans in the UK and Ireland with one of the broadest lineups of live sports coverage, including the Olympic Games , (England) Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Premier League Rugby, MotoGP, UFC, Boxing, WWE, Tennis Grand Slam, Cycling Grand Tour and winter sports seasons,” the partners emphasized.

Another key part of the new brand is a refreshed cast of talent, including hosts and anchors such as Laura Woods, Reshmin Chowdhury and Jules Breach, offering more female voices in more key roles.

23: 29 BT and Warner Bros. Discovery joint venture was established on 1 September . Warner Bros. Discovery manages its operations, BT Sport The production and operating assets of the joint venture have been transferred to the joint venture.

PP Foresight Analyst Paolo Pescatore highlighted the main opportunities and challenges facing the joint venture partners and their rebranding. He It warned: “Initially there will be resentment as it feels like yet another sportswear brand entering the UK market in an increasingly fragmented world. “During a cost of living crisis, this might give people a reason to cancel. Therefore, all focus must be on positioning and adding greater value to fans as part of the Discovery+ umbrella. ”

He also described the rebranding as “a key step in a long journey” with other hurdles to overcome.” Safeguarding key sporting rights remains vitally important during the transition through the next year.” “Now that all eyes are on the Premier League, the entity needs to build on its current portfolio.”

But the analyst also notes that “Sports will now start to be a key differentiator for Discovery+, with the goal of being a one-stop shop for users.”

Pescatore further noted that the broadcast talent pool is more diverse after the rebranding. “The redesigned talent roster is more inclusive and diverse and will help connect with diverse audiences,” he told THR. “We have a clear desire to make sure that the content of the programming is less male-dominated – which is sometimes a challenge for (football).” The expert called the goals “brand accessibility, humor and fun”, and the broadcaster The talent is “passionate, full of energy, and loves what they do.”

While starting “from the ground up” offers “simplification of the overall sports experience for fans in the long run” opportunity, but the expert also highlighted “there are many challenges in managing a multi-brand strategy in the short term, which the new entity takes full advantage of”. Be aware and need to navigate carefully. “It will be interesting to see how TNT Sports will leverage other properties in the broader Warner Bros. Discovery family, including CNN, in terms of cross-promoting content,” Pescatore concluded, such as sports documentaries.




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