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For author Kase Wickman, 'Bring It On' isn't just another teen flick

“Ready? Yes!”

Culture reporter Kase Wickman kicks off her new book, Bring It On: Cheerleading The full story of the movie changes everything (no, seriously) , Cheers and declares: “Let’s speak out, directly To the megaphone for those in the back: Bring It On deserves its place in the cinematic canon and is recognized as an important film.”

Bring It On was part of the poppy teen movie craze when it was in 15 In theaters, it stars Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union as cheerleaders—two stars who have stood the test of time. But when Wickman re-examines Bring It On at 15 as a staff member for MTV News Its 12 anniversary, she is being cheered by its feminism, its treatment of cultural appropriation (i.e. Dunster’s all-white pit bull team – including the famous “Brrr, it’s cold” in here” routine — from the predominantly black East Compton Clover), and its behind-the-scenes connection to the Oscar winner. Wickman writes, Silent Lamb director Jonathan Demme helped it get the green light, while Moonlight director Barry Jenkins used Moonlight director Barry Jenkins when drafting his own script Bring It On Outlining technique from screenwriter Jessica Bendinger.

“If you say very gently, ‘OK Well, it’s about two cheerleaders’, and you can’t imagine there’s all sorts of surprises in this movie,” Wickman told Vogue .( On the one hand: Movie reference for Union’s Isis opening shot? Citizen Kane.)

Wickman vs.Vogue talked about the legacy of Bring It On, which has a relationship with Michelle Obama and Melania Trump, and Its sincerity as one of the greatest sports movies ever made. : When you’re in your home state of Oregon, you 12 Years old watching for the first time bring it on. Did you ever imagine that it would later become the subject of your passion project?

Kase Wickman: Honestly, most of what I remember learning from this was, “Wait, I really I’d love to have a Kirsten Dunst cut”—and now, decades later, I finally have that wavy bob—and I was like, “Can one wear a bra as a shirt? who knows? ’ It never occurred to me that [as a tween] saying “I’m going to write a book someday” would be right for Bring It On.

right in front, you wrote Bring It On ” deserves its place in the cinematic canon and is recognized as an important film. “Can we infer that you don’t think that level of respect is being given at the moment?

I don’t think so. When someone says on Twitter Bring It On is one of the best sports movies ever, or the is the best sports movie ever movie, or just a great movie. People want to write it as a pointless teen movie, but you look at other sports movies and they’re almost always male-led. They’re going to be about high school, but different Because they’re something in discourse that feels taken seriously. A producer on [Bring It On] said, “About basketball players wanting scholarships and fleeing their town movies…nobody likes, ‘Stupid! ‘” With cheerleading, [people] were like, Mmm.

I emphasized your support for Bring It On Voted “one of the greatest sports movies of all time. ” I think with Netflix’s Cheer, But as long as people belittle it, will it be taken seriously as a sports movie? sport?

I hope people after watching this and Cheer think of it as a sports movie Come to rate. Cheer is definitely in the family lineage of Bring It On. They can’t even get past the first episode without mentioning it Or episode 2. I think people see the work and the art in it a lot more now than they did before, but there’s still a sort of, “ ummm… yeah?




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