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For Ava DuVernay, fashion should “validate my looks and who I am”

For DuVernay, working with such a well-known international brand as Louis Vuitton is a kind of self-affirmation. “Honestly, as a black woman of a certain age who isn’t a size zero, my pressure is to find a way to be myself, with limited options and interests,” she told Vogue. “That’s why I’ve had the pleasure of being associated with LV and several other brands that exemplify how I look and who I am.”

DuVernay found out on the show Lots of potential futuristic looks, with designer Ghesquiere putting a delightful spin on medieval codes. “I love the rounded silhouette of cropped jackets,” she says. “There are a few that blow me away.”

DuVernay sure has plenty of occasions to wear one of his designs. The filmmaker is currently hard at work on an adaptation of Isabele Wilkerson’s incisive bestseller Caste: The Origins of our Discontent,, which poignantly re- Examines the role race plays in America. The movie, which stars Anjanu Ellis, Nessie Nash-Bates, Nick Offerman and more, is currently in production.

“I fell in love with the film and what we were trying to convey,” DuVernay said. “When Aunjanue Ellis came on set with such focus and energy, she had just won an Oscar. We filmed in Berlin and Derry as well as in the US…find us this fall.”

We’re sure DuVernay will be donning lots of smart, high-impact clothing—perhaps a few pieces from Louis Vuitton—when the conversation-inducing film opens.



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